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How to Write a Great Personal Ad on Black Dating Sites

By atulya

Article Word Count  :  460

Article Summary: If you have committed to finding a partner in 2010 (or perhaps just some hot hook ups) you may well have realized that online dating is a great way to go. Not only do you save yourself the embarrassment of getting knocked back by women/men in bars and clubs, but if you are not the clubbing/bar hopping type you can still meet loads of people online in your local area. My favorite thing about black dating sites is that I can browse through potential dates profiles and see whether we are suited before making contact. Not only can I see their appearance (whether I am physically attracted to them), but I can also learn about their likes and dislikes and whether they are looking for the same kind of relationship as me (casual or serious). Plus as I use African American dating sites I know that we will share cultural similarities and I don't have to sift through hundreds of profiles for a black date. The best dating sites will match you with people who you are likely to get along with, so if you are looking for a casual fling, you won't have to go through profiles of people looking for marriage and babies. So once you have signed up for a black dating site, you will need to create your profile. This is a bit like an advert for yourself. Here are my top tips to get plenty of responses:
Article Body: 1. The most important thing is to be honest about what you are looking for and your personality traits. Make sure you post a nice photo of yourself, but don't be silly and post a photo from 10 years ago, that would be misleading. Most sites allow you to post multiple photos, so choose the best one for your main profile pic and then add others to show more of your personality. People with more photos will receive 9 times more replies from potential dates. 2. Fill in your profile 100%. Yup, the more info you add the better responses you will get. Make sure you answer all the questions honestly. Of course be interesting, but be yourself. 3. Never swear or use bad language in your ad. Even if that is how you usually speak, it will make you look stupid in your ad and who wants to hook up with someone rude? 4. Be positive. Even if you are feeling a little down on your luck be careful not to appear bitter or negative. This will put people off. Make sure you have some photos of you smiling. It has been proven time and time again that people are more attracted to smiling photos of the opposite sex. 5. Once you start receiving replies always reply to your messages promptly. Do not lead people on if you are not interested, let them move on to someone else. If you put a little effort into your profile and are committed to getting more dates in 2010 you will be amazed at the amount of responses you get. If you would like to get started and join up with a black dating site you may want to check out some reviews first to ensure that once you have joined up the site will be easy to use and more importantly there will be plenty of people from

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