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Webmasters and Publishers must carefully and fully read our reprint Policy.

  •  .  Give respect to the copyrights of our Expert authors, by publishing the entire with no change including links point to his / her site as well as a link to our article directory i.e. ( Article source:

  •  .  You should not change the title / summary / content of the article in any way at any place.

  •  .  You have to agree and decide not to include our Authors articles at web sites which contain illegal Mp3, illegal tracking, downloadable wares and files, instructions on illegal things like making bombs, weapons, knives, their usage tips, tactics and strategies, promotion of porno , exploit kids, pets and animals, hate, degrade, defame others and many more unlawful activities.

  •  .  You have to agree not to reprint our authorís articles from our article directory for the purpose of spamming, unsolicited emails, pop-up ads and pop-under ads etc.

  •  .  You have to agree not to sell any article at any time from our article directory.

  •  .  You have to agree not to get any payment to view any article at any time that you reprint from our article directory.

  •  .  You have to agree not to use any robots, spiders or any automated software scripts to dig article contents from our article directory.

  •  .  You have to agree to limit yourself to reprint up to 30 articles on your site per year. If you own multiple domains you can reprint up to 300 articles per year (10 sites @ 30 articles per site)

  •  .  If you own multiple hosting account for your domains (different ip address - contact us to reprint on more domains)

  •  .  You have to agree not to include Robot texts like " rel = external no follow" in your links

  •  .  You have to agree not use articles of our expert authors for audio and video sites and its derivatives.

  •    You have to agree not to translate any part of the article either partially or fully in any language. You must not create any derivative work from contents of our article directory.

  •    You have to agree that reprint of any article from our article directory is at your own risk.

  •    You have to agree not to add any hyper links in articles reprinted by you at your website. This unethical behavior would lead article readers to wrongly believe that the article author has placed such links which is not the truth. We are strongly against such practices

  •    We "" are not the owner of articles in our article directory. 100 % copyright owners are article authors only. We only have the permission to publish them and allow reprinting for webmasters and publishers.

  •    You need no permission from the authors of any article with in our article directory as long as you agree and follow each and every terms and conditions listed here

  •    It is a good ethic to let the author know where his article gets reprinted. Just visit the authorís website and make a mail that his article is reprinted at your website: articlepage.html

  •    It is not required to include the advertisements found on our article directory, when you reprint an article from our

  •    If you are not interested to follow these terms and conditions. Don't reprint any articles from our article directory. Even if you have already reprinted some articles just remove them and acknowledge them with in 2 days by mail

  •    If you violate our terms of service as well as authors copyright for article reprinting from our you agree to be held liable for all the lawyer fee and lawsuit expenses awarded by copyright infringement laws. If we find that you violate our TOS. We will notice you to remove the articles reprinted from our article directory. You have to acknowledge the removal of reprinted article with in 48 business hours by an email that you have followed our notice in order to take no more action against you and your business.

  • General Guidelines.

  • We "" Reserves the full rights to modify (or) change, either partially (or) fully these written "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" at any time without any prior notice.

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  • No Recommendation: does not recommend or endorse any thing. The jots written by expert authors here are their own views only, and not the views of - our article directory, its owner / management team / editorial team. Our article directory wonít recommend any product or service found though advertisements available at this article directory. We won't hold any responsibility for your own imagination.

  • No Pop-Up / Pop-Under: We won't use any pop-up (or) pop-under at our Not even a single advertisement of such type which annoys our readers is allowed at our article directory. If you are interested to have pop-ups (or) pop-under at your link pages. Please donít submit your article at our directory. In future if we found out that you have installed such ads at your link pages. Your article will be removed from our article directory.

  • No Guarantee / No Warranty: When browsing our site you may find many hyper links point to 3 rd party internet sites. We "" don't hold any responsibility for the content or site activeness of third party sites. Similarly we won't guarantee for the products, services and informationís found on third party websites.

  • Announcement : Expert authors won't allowed to distribute medical, legal, professional or consulting at the same time they are not allowed to prescribe treatment, tactics, strategies. This is a professional know how, educational, entertainment site only. We wonít hold any responsibility for your actions on collection and usage of informationís from this site. It will be on your own sole responsibility.