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EmagArticles Editorial Guidelines

  • To accept your article and upload your articles in our article directory we have a set of editorial guidelines that you should follow before you submit your article for consideration. We have a kind request to read fully.

  • It must be your own written original article. If you are a contactor (or) a junior, work for an Author. You have to submit the article with the original owner's name and Email address.

  • Donít submit articles written by ghost writers hired by you, but you can submit articles written by other authors then there must be your association and have an ďEXCLUSIVE LICENSE "only for you. Please donít waste your time by submitting articles from "BOUGHT ARTICLE PACKS" we reject such articles because

  • 1.) It cracks your prestige, trust and goodwill as it is the creation of another author. More over such articles have thousands of soft copies distributed allover the net

  • 2.) We need good quality original articles only

  • 3.) We don't need multiple copies of same article with different author names in our article directory.

  • Your article must be informative, expertise, reveal techniques, tactics, strategies, tips, opinions, comments, case studies and analysis. Donít include long quotes (from other source), keep it with in 5 lines maximum.

  • Donít submit press releases, advertisements, promotional copies, sales letters, and your own fame - excessive self promotion

  • Article must be in good English, correct spelling, grammar, punctuation marks, capitalization, and sentence and paragraph structure. Even though there is a large variation in English at different countries, you must at least take care of this. If you have English as your second language, we strongly recommend getting your article proof read by some one whose has English as mother language for fast approval of your article.

  • Article must have punctuation rules like one space after each colon, semi-colon, quotes, comma and full-stop. No space before a period or comma, only one dash if required.

  • Articles must not contain porno (or) adult material, violence, hatred, insult, degrading, racial conflicts, against any specific community or group.

  • Articles must not contain contents which are against law, damaging the reputation of others, insulting others and hinder the legal rights of others

  • Articles must not contain informationís on hack, crack, bomb creation, and support to terrorism, religious conflicts, illegal drugs, steroids, firearms, weapons, guns, knives, ammunition, alcohol, tobacco products and drug prescriptions

  • Article submitted by you should not contain essays, study materials, term papers for colleges, bulk email spamming details, click fraud, clues on clicking google-adsense ads, manual surf, auto surf programs, sell email lists ETC. If we feel inappropriate we won't publish such articles.

  • Donít submit same article by making slight changes here and there, like removing few sentence, add or delete few words. We reject such articles and ban such authors to publish their articles further more.

  • When you submit your articles donít include more bolded keywords and key phrases (Limit bolding for heading and sub heading), at the same time donít include words like "REPLY TO MY MAIL" (or) "CORRESPOND TO MY LETTER"

  • General Format

  • Title of Article

  • Be the first letter and Major keywords capitalized, other characters in lower case.

  • Don't write title in full caps, with in quotes, use a period, smart quotes, dashes, comma, colon ETC.

  • Donít capitalize conjunctions like a, an, the, etc.

  • Donít use more commas, punctuation, question marks, exclamations, dashes, casual and playful, abusive, vulgar and irrelevant language in your title

  • Donít use Author name, website url, keyword stuffed, html tag, over optimization in titles. Be natural.

  • Don't use drug names, weapon names as titles

  • Donít use single word title, minimum two English words please, 3 - 4 words is nice.

  • Your title should be like a title and flow from left to right, keyword rich.

  • The title of your article determines how successfully it will bring traffic for your article.

  • Spell your title several times to have a nice title

  • Author Name

  • Write both your first name and last name, capitalize the beginning (or) one name as initial (1st name - last initial / last name - 1st initial)

  • Don't use your company name / site url / email address, numbers as author names

  • Donít use adjectives, religious titles, (Er, Dr, MD, PhD, DDS, Lr - unless you hold them)

  • Don't create multiple accounts, only one account per person is allowed.

  • Body of the Article:

  • Number of words range from 200 to 5000, General submissions range from 300 to 700 words

  • Place your copyrights, reprint rights at the bottom of the article.

  • Include url / web address at bottom

  • Donít repeat title, Author name, url / web address with in body of article.

  • Article content should be relevant to the title

  • Allowed HTML Tags

  • <b>BOLD</b>
    <XMP> and </XMP>
    <OL> and <UL>allowed
    <pre> and </pre>
    <blockquote>INDENT A PARA</blockquote>
    Close all open tags,

    HTML tags which are not allowed<JAVASCRIPT> <IMG SRC> Font size and color change<H1>, <H2>, <H3>, <HR>
  • Website Links / URL's

  • Don't break excessively, use single space, correctly formatted, bulleted, numbered, make it look charming, add active link only as url. Please avoid links in first 2 paragraphs.

  • Use a valid URL like:

  • Links containing "DOWNLOADABLE FILES" is not allowed

  • Links to sites banned by Google is not allowed or rejected

  • Links to sites engaged in black hat SEO is not allowed or rejected,

  • Redirecting links will not be allowed.

  • Do not submit multiple URLís and strategic or tactical keywords as anchor text links.

  • Limit your anchor text link length to 3 words

  • Links to sites engaged in adult oriented, porno, gambling, poker and casino are not allowed.

  • Links to sites that are under construction are not allowed, active sites with good content will be linked

  • Mail to: links are not allowed as spammers will abuse them. Potential users will find your mail at your website.

  • Top generic keywords related to your article will help you to bring more traffic to your article

  • Put comma between each keywords and key phrases

  • Use overture / work tracker / trellion tool to find keywords of your niche and optimize your article before submission.

  • Keep up to a maximum of 25 keywords in your article.

  • Don't use keywords which are not related to the content of your article.

  • Article Summary

  • It gives an abstract of your article (or) Summary delivers the benefits of your article

  • Summary must be 3 to 5 sentences with a maximum of 150 words, if you donít know how to write a summary use the 1íst Para of article body.

  • Article summary must not have HTML tags

  • Article summary must not have self promotion words

  • Article summary must not have Author Name (or) Site URL (or) Email links

  • Article Category:

  • Choose the correct category or sub-category to list your article, based on the type of article you submit and not based on type of your business.

  • Internet business related articles must be submitted under the "Internet & Businesses Online" category or sub-categories only. Donít submit them on category like BUSINESS.

  • At the same time home based business articles are only allowed in the Home Based Business category. Home based business articles like MLM, Network marketing etc are not allowed in category or sub-categories of ďBUSINESS ď (or) ďEntrepreneurĒ.

  • Internet Joint Venture articles should be submitted under Affiliate-Revenue in the Internet & Online Business category only.

  • Coaching tips and tactics, self improvement related articles should be submitted at "how to be a coach" rather than articles about ďcoaching a person on a particular topicĒ.

  • Articles on Nutrition should not be submitted at Weight Loss sub-category, but should be submitted at Nutrition sub-category. Supplement articles should not be submitted under Nutrition category but submitted at ďSupplementsĒ sub-category.

  • Editorial Guidelines for Affiliate Programs:

  • Affiliate links are allowed on main URL only.

  • E.g.

  • Affiliate links on subdirectories and sub pages are not allowed.






  • Links comply to our standards only will be added